Collins Pack Black TWK2103H Bulk

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Collins Pack Black TWK2103H Bulk

The Collins Pack Black TWK2103H Bulk ink is a water, pigment ink designed to print on porous substrates and particularly suited for bulk applications. The Collins Pack Black TWK2103H Bulk ink generates a high quality, scannable image that dries well on transit outer packaging substrates.


  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Packaging ink
  • Operating conditions: 10ºc to 40ºC
  • Storage temperature: 10ºC to 30ºC
  • The Collins Pack Black TWK2103H Bulk runs in Bulk Supply Station

Storage and Handling:

  • When you are cleaning the print head make sure to use a low lint or lint-free cloth with the print head facing down. Do not put too much pressure on the print head when wiping clean as this may scratch the print head
  • When leaving the cartridge for a day or less leave cartridges in the machine and just wipe and purge before their next use
  • If the cartridges are left for more than a day make sure to remove them from the machine and place a Cartridge Clip Cover the head and wipe and purge them before they are next used.
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