1. Understanding Ink Migration

    Ink migration is the unintended process of ink bleeding through packaging and transferring from the packaging, onto or into the customer's goods such as food, medicines, or health and beauty products..

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  2. Inkjet Printing on Shrink Sleeve Packaging

    Today, you can find Shrink sleeve packaging everywhere. They’re on energy drinks, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, fruit juices, cosmetics, and almost every other category at the supermarket. Marketers have embraced shrink sleeves because they understand the brand marketing power of great packaging, especially when combined with high-quality industrial printing inks..

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  3. How to Design for Vacuum Forming and Mould Making

    Before you get started using your Mayku FormBox, there are a few things you’ll need to understand about vacuum forming and tips that will help your product look much better. As it happens with 3D printing, there are some best practices that you should know before you start designing. You can design from scratch or adapt an existing 3D design that you already have access to..

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  4. How to Make Industrial Inkjet Printing More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

    The use of sustainable and eco-friendly printing has become increasingly important over the last few years and continues to grow more relevant. Inkjet has set goals and milestones to ensure that the future can be as green as possible to lower environmental, social, and economic impacts..

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  5. Inkjet Printing on Corrugated Cardboard

    Cartons, boxes, point-of-purchase displays, and signage made of either paperboard or corrugated cardboard are among the most common materials used today. In fact, within the United States alone, more than 80 billion corrugated boxes are used each year, with a substantial amount of these containers being used for either shipping purposes or for directly housing various products..

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  6. 5 Things To Know About Large Format Printing

    Large Format Printers are creating some of the most impressive and impactful large media content today. They can achieve large, vivid, attractive signage media that helps deliver a visual impact as well as an emotional one..

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