Collins Complete TWK1971 Bulk

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Collins Complete TWK1971 Bulk

Collins Complete Bulk is an ink that is a hybrid of dye/pigment and is manufactured to print on both coated and non-coated substrates. This Collins Complete Bulk ink will dry quickly and give good permanence on coated socks, whilst maintaining excellent print quality and a dark image on non-coated stocks.


  • Heads up technology enables the print cartridge to start up after long periods of down time without wiping, reducing the required operator maintenance.
  • Shelf life: 24 months

Cartridge Maintenance and Handling:

  • Clean the prin thead using a lint free cloth moistened with de-ionized water
  • Wipe carefully across tip of long edge with the print head facing downwards
  • Do not use force when wiping or use a dry cloth to the clean the print head as this will cause scratching
  • Do not use a lint cloth as this may clog up the nozzles
  • To prevent cartridges from drying out store them in an airtight container with a damp cloth
  • Less than 1 day down - print cartridges can be left in the machine and they are to be wiped and purged before their next use
  • More than 1 day down - print cartridges are to be removed from the machine and place a capping clip over the head. Purge and wipe before next use.
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